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We perform CNC wood milling with the help of a CNC wood milling machine with working surface dimensions of up to 2100x3000mm! In this way, we clamp entire DTD, MDF, plywood or joint boards.


Laser cutting is fast and precise. We provide cutting and engraving in non-metallic materials such as wood, plywood, HDF boards or Plexiglas or some types of plastics.


We realize that CNC processing alone is not enough to achieve complete products. That is why we also offer additional services such as grinding, surface treatment, packaging, transport, programming or 3D design.

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Online store with wood-based materials. Order from home and we'll take care of everything

We can supply high-quality and affordable custom-made joints and thus save considerable financial resources.

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Frequently asked Questions

Enough send an inquiry with what you require and we will specify the next procedure.

We can provide various types of wood-based materials as well as plastic. You can find the offer of wooden materials with which we most often work in our e-shop

Of course, we can also process materials that you order yourself. 

For CNC milling we have a working surface of 2100x3000mm, for laser cutting 1400x900mm. In certain cases, the products can have a larger dimension and we machine them for more clamping. 

The price depends on the number of pieces, the type of material, and various other factors. Just contact us for non-binding price offer

The price of transport by our delivery service is a flat rate of €30. It is valid for the whole of Slovakia and is delivered on the next delivery day.

If you don't want to wait for a shared delivery, we can deliver the products express at a price of €0.70/km 

We send smaller packages by courier.

Any vector format is sufficient for 2D or 2.5D machining. But preferably dxf, dwg, pdf and svg. For 3D models, the step/stp format is the most suitable for us. If you do not have materials for production, we can prepare them for an additional fee. 

As much as you want. But you have to take into account that piece production is more expensive than serial production. CNC machining requires the preparation of materials and it is more advantageous if the preparation costs are spread over several pieces. 

Yes. Nesting (automatic arrangement of products on large-area material) is a function that significantly improves material utilization. 

Our software supports such a function, and we often use it. It can be used in the production of furniture or staircase parts or other smaller products spread over the entire work surface. 

The average production time is 2-3 weeks. It all depends on the type of order. If we have the material in stock, faster delivery is also possible, if it is a larger order, the delivery time is longer. Just send an inquiry and together with the price we will specify the delivery date. 

Are you interested in our work? Do not hesitate to contact us. The price offer is non-binding and costs you nothing but a little time.
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