CNC wood milling

CNC frézovanie dreva

CNC Wood Milling

Our CNC wood milling machine with working surface dimensions of 2100x3000mm enables accurate and efficient wood processing. We use modern CNC milling technologies, which allows us to create complex and detailed patterns, carvings and shapes. With vacuum clamping, we ensure a safe and stable fastening of the material, thereby maximizing the accuracy of the final part.

What materials do we mill? 

We most often mill large-scale wood-based materials such as jointsplywoodosb boards, or DTD or MDF boards. Thanks to the large work surface, we can clamp entire formats without dividing, which allows us to get a better utilization of the material and not waste time on unnecessary dividing. 

Of course, we also mill other materials such as various types of solid wood. 

We mill other materials such as plastics, polystyrene or aluminum mainly for large orders.

CNC obrábanie dreva

Additional services

– Grinding: Thorough grinding of the surface ensures a smooth and high-quality result.

– Wood Surface Treatment: We offer various surface treatment options, including varnishing, oiling and staining.

– Laser cutting and engraving according to your individual requirements.


– Packaging: For small-batch or serial production, we also provide packaging in possible packaging, so that your products are complete, cleaned and packaged according to your wishes. When the products arrive at you, you no longer have to repackage them in any way, but send them directly to the end customer. Such a service is ideal for repeated and regular cooperation. 

Price of CNC Wood Milling

The exact determination of the price depends on the scope of work, material and specific customer requirements. For more information on prices and options, contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a non-binding quote individual price offer.


Why Choose Our CNC Wood Milling?

– Thanks to ours wood trade, we will provide the material and transport 
– Modern CNC technologies for accurate and efficient processing.
– Flexibility and ability to adapt to individual customer requirements.
– A wide range of additional services for complete satisfaction of needs.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for CNC wood milling, you are in the right place. Contact us for more information or request a quote and give us the opportunity to turn your ideas into reality with our precision CNC milling services.

Are you interested in our work? Do not hesitate to contact us. The price offer is non-binding and costs you nothing but a little time.
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