Price for CNC machining

In order to determine the price, it is necessary to add some information:

Try to describe to us as much information as possible about your product so that we can choose the appropriate procedure. If something is not clear to us, we will contact you. 

Have you selected a material? If so, let us know, if not, we will be happy to advise you on the choice. Alternatively, visit our online store with wood and familiarize yourself with the most common materials we use. 

Do you need one piece or are you looking for a supplier for regular cooperation? All this affects the price of cnc machining. In the case of piece production, the costs with additions can be high, so it is better if the costs are distributed among several pieces. Let us know how many pieces you need, and we will try to extract the material as best as possible. 

Send us the materials for production. Only then will we determine the exact price CNC milling or laser cutting.

Any vector format is sufficient for 2D or 2.5D machining. But preferably dxf, dwg, pdf and svg. For 3D models, the step/stp format is the most suitable for us.

If you don't have the documents, we'd love to have them we will work out. To begin with, only a description of the product may be enough, and we will specify everything else in the next communication. 

Indicative price list without VAT
  • CNC milling €60/hour
  • Laser cutting and engraving €30/hour 
  • Programming and editing of graphic materials €30/hour 
  • Manual work (sanding, packing, surface treatment) €20/hour
  • Shipping €0.70/km or €25 by combined delivery. Courier €5-10 
Did this information help you? I think not, because you still don't know how much your products will cost.
And we won't know until you send us all the necessary information.
Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding quotation. 
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