Laser cutting and laser engraving

rezanie laserom

Laser cutting is fast and precise. Unlike CNC milling a firm clamping of the workpiece is not required, which simplifies production and has a favorable effect on the price of laser cutting. 

It is effective up to a material thickness of 10 mm. Another advantage is the cutting of sharp internal corners and details in general, which are sometimes impossible to achieve with CNC milling. We can not only cut but also engrave in one step, which you will definitely appreciate when designing wooden products. 

The most frequently processed materials:

  • Topal plywood – Light plywood with minimal wood grain. It is light, clean and cuts quickly. (usually 3.4mm in stock)
  • Birch plywood – Light plywood with greater strength in contrast poplar. More visible wood grain. (to order)
  • Beech plywood – Darker plywood, very often used. It is affordable and suitable for wide use. (usually 4mm in stock)
  • MDF boards – Boards made of compressed sawdust under high pressure. Similar to hard rock. The advantage is the low price. Suitable for technical purposes such as carriers, templates, etc. (usually 3mm in stock)
  • HDF boards – The same as MDF boards, just with the option of colored decor. You know them mainly as the back fronts of cabinets. (usually in stock 3mm white and 2.5mm black)
  • Plexiglas (acrylic) – It is available in various designs, suitable for decoration and technical purposes. (normally clear 2mm in stock)
With materials that we normally have in stock, the advantage is that we offer a good utilization of the material and you don't have to pay for the entire panel. So is the faster delivery time. Of course, we can provide various types of materials to order without any problems. 

Our services include:

  1. Laser cutting: We give you the possibility of precise and clean cutting of wood and other non-metallic materials. Be amazed by the level of detail and finesse that our laser cutting provides.

  2. Wood engraving: Transform ordinary wood into works of art with our precision laser engraving. Create detailed textures and interesting patterns with ease.

  3. Burning into wood: Bring depth and expression to wood with our high-powered laser. Create embossing and personalized designs that stand out.

  4. Laser engraving: With a power of 130 W, we are able to quickly and accurately engrave various materials, from wood to acrylic. We ensure excellent quality and detail for your projects.

Gravírovanie obrázku do dreva

Why choose our services?

  • Advanced technology: Our laser devices are equipped with the latest technologies, which ensures accurate and high-quality results.

  • Extensive work area: With a working surface of 1400x900 mm, we are able to process larger projects and handle larger materials.

  • Material availability: Thanks to the amount of material we work with, we can respond flexibly to your requirements. 

  • Flexibility: We are flexible and open to individual client requirements to provide exactly what you need.

Are you interested in our work? Do not hesitate to contact us. The price offer is non-binding and costs you nothing but a little time.
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